Help Terra Terra Give Back

Share our debut music video “War of the Worlds” and help to feed a person in need!

 A dear friend named Jess has been an inspiration as long as I have known her. On her twenty-fifth birthday she decided in order to celebrate she would carry out twenty-five acts of kindness with the help of some of her close friends. We packed ourselves into her sport utility vehicle and took to the streets distributing gift bags, leaving kind inspirational notes on windshields, delivering cookies to fire stations, and visiting people in hospitals.  I remember being taken back by her selflessness.  It gave me a whole new perspective on how to celebrate the things I am thankful for. When my band Terra Terra finally finished our first video, I wanted to find a way to celebrate, and in the spirit of my friend, we decided to try to bring the joy we felt to some strangers who might need it. Anyone who lives in New Orleans knows that the community is full of people who are in need. We took it upon ourselves to make gift bags which contained a sandwich, a bottle of water and an Apple. I had my reservations at first, I know New Orleans could be dangerous, but when we pulled up to the neutral ground where a man in a wheel chair sat holding a sign that said “anything helps” and I asked him if he was hungry, and he replied with “starving” and I handed him a meal, I knew that what we were doing was the best possible way to celebrate having the opportunity to follow our dreams.

We want to extend this opportunity to you!

For every share of this post within the first 48 hours, we will make a gift bag containing a meal and distribute it to a stranger in need.