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             Terra Terra is the emerging voice of southern-prog. If Frank Zappa and Consider the Source got into a bar-fight with Ornette Coleman and Prince while partying in the french quarter, then had awkward make-up sex, Terra Terra would be their identity-confused baby.

          T2 slow-cooks a musical gumbo made up of jazz sensibilities, party-Jam band grooves, progressive-metal ambition and a cheeky sense of irony. Together these elements create an ideal soundtrack to travel across the universe fighting space monsters.

            Terra Terra first emerged in the music universe in 2015 when “War of Worlds” premiered on youtube following a social media food drive campaign. Since then Terra Terra has released several studio quality and live videos, performed live across the United States, released a full length album, created a library of video lessons and provided the score to the award winning film “She was Famous”.

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